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ISI Chief: I Told Panetta That My Boss Is Allah, Not America

by on 05/16/2011

Sultan Hijazi

General_Ahmed_Shuja_Pasha ISI Chief Lt. Gen. Ahmed Pasha has said that I had made it clear to CIA Director Leon Panetta that my boss is Allah, not America. He said that there was a bitter exchange of dialogue during his last visit to Langley.

The spy chief further told Panetta that Pakistan is a sovereign country and our protector is Allah.

He explained that during his last meeting with the CIA Chief when the latter started to talk rudely with him in a loud tone, the General gave a befitting reply in the same manner.

Compiled from various news sources and clippings:

> “The fear that we cannot live without America has taken away our self respect. Are we to live in humiliation out of the US fear forever?”

> “We are at a point in our history where we have to decide whether to stand up to America now or have [following] generations come to deride us.”

> "My boss is Allah, not America"

> "Pakistan is a sovereign country and our protector is Allah"

> "Any attack from the east (India) would invite a befitting response. A contingency plan is in place and targets inside India have already been identified. We have also carried out rehearsals for it."

> "The double murder-accused CIA contractor Raymond Davis was handed over to the United States on the orders of President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani"

In reply to Maulana Atta ur Rehman’s question whether the Army considered them Muslims and yet the Army conducted operations in his constituency and against the OBL, who was first a Mujahid of Islam and now was an enemy, and whether the Army had turned to parliament because ‘the big boss US was angry’, the ISI director general requested him not to get involved in such discussions of history of Mujahids. "If we will discuss it, then things will go very far and everyone will come to know who has been receiving dollars from Saudi Arabia and Libya" the DG ISI said in response to Maulana’s insistence.

> "The ISI has proved its capabilities before the world and has gained international recognition for its performance in war against terror"

> "Pinpointing one institution with regard to the May 2 incident is incorrect and any institution can investigate with regard to it; if negligence on part of ISI is found then I am ready to be held accountable"

>  "It is a great honor for me to give a briefing on the floor of the parliament. The ISI would give relevance to the decision of the parliament and national security would be held supreme"

> "Enemies of Pakistan wanted to create a gap between the political government and military authorities. Criticism by some individuals and circles, instead of criticizing the armed forces and intelligence agencies, should play a supportive role for those who laid immense sacrifices for the cause of the country"

> "Ever since the inception of Pakistan, the ISI got its role acknowledged because of its superb performance and capabilities. Its performance was even appreciated internationally especially in the context of war on terror and arrest of high value targets."



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