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A Talk Between Water and Oil

by on 11/20/2010

Source: Towards Enlightement


Sayyiduna Abi Ishaq Ibrahim bin Shaharyar Shaibani (rahimullah) pointed once at the candles, which were burning in front of him during a sermon. They were made by filling a glass-cup with water and on the water was the layer of oil in which the wick was placed.

He said,

“I have just heard the talk which is passing between the water and the oil.

The water is saying to the oil,

“I am most dear of all created things in the world. If I was not created all people would have died of thirst, whilst you possess no such attribute. Even then how is it that you sit over my head?”

The oil replied,

“You are too proud of your attributes but I am the humble one. Consider for a moment my antecedents. First as a seed I was imbedded in the earth, then I was born into a plant which was cut down and then I was squeezed in a press, and even now I am burning myself and thereby conferring light to others. Even then I do not care for the torture to which I have been subjected by the people of the world. Therefore God, in His Beneficence, has graced me with the honour you complain of.”"

From Fariduddin ‘Attar’s Tadhkaratul Aulia or memories of Saints.


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