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ALERT: The French-German Tussle In Pakistan

by on 07/28/2009

I have received this urgent alert from Mr. Zaid Hamid, the renowned Pakistani security analyst, regarding the Franco-German diplomatic tussle over selling submarines to Pakistan. The government of Mr. Asif Zardari wants to buy the French subs, mainly because the French pay heavy commission/bribes. The German subs are more effective. The Pakistani military appears to have chosen the German subs. But the dollar-hungry government of President Zardari wants to oblige his old friend Nicholas Sarkozy. Obviously the kickbacks will be received by a group of Pakistani and French officials.

Here’s Mr. Hamid’s Alert:

“The French and the Indians are using extreme pressure, bribes and diplomacy with the Pakistani government and the Pakistan Naval Headquarters to block and cancel the German submarine deal. The French want to sell their subs and the Indians are scared of the German platform and technology. Someone powerful in the government is selling the nation’s honor as we write. Someone please act immediately.”

Interestingly, the deal with the German government is almost sealed when the Zardari government began contacts with the French government to sabotage the German deal. Shamefully for Pakistan, the government of Angela Merkel actually went the extra mile and even pacified the opposition in her country to the deal with Pakistan. Now the Germans are waiting for Pakistan’s Ministry of Defense to simply issue a purchase order. This hasn’t come.

For more details about the intrigues and the under-the-table moves on this deal, click and report this report:

Are French Bribes Stopping Zardari Govt. From Buying German Submarines?

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