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A Sikh Leader: India Is Behind The Fake Taliban, Why Are Pakistan Officials Silent?

by on 07/20/2009

The suicide bombers and throat-slitters are not Arab Mujahedeen or Afghan Taliban. This ‘expertise’ has been introduced by the Indians and the Israelis in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The crimes of the Indian-groomed Taliban have nothing to do with the Afghan Taliban fighting inside their own country and the Kashmiri freedom fighters inside their own territory. The question is: Why is the Pakistani government continues to feel ashamed in standing up for Pakistan?

By Dr. Awatar S. Sekhon

Proof of Indian weapons and special-ops agents have been discovered in Swat and Balochistan. The evidence is so damning that US officials had no choice but to oblige Pakistan and directly ask Indian Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Defense Minister to tame Indian terror-breeding

operations in Afghanistan aimed at Pakistan. Manmohan Singh, confronted by the Pakistani Prime Minister with evidence in Egypt, had no choice but to agree to refer to Indian terrorism in Balochistan in the joint statement.

It was an amazing revelation by a serving Maj. General of Pakistan army in-charge of the Swat operation during an interview with Aaj television news channel.

Maj. Gen. Sajjad Ghani has revealed the following points backed by evidence:

1.     Swat valley was occupied by criminals with full money and logistical support of India.

2.     The entire operation was planned by Indian military officers posted to several locations in Afghanistan

3.     The Indian ‘footprint’ in Swat and the Pakistani tribal belt includes: Indian currency, Indian bullets, Indian small explosives, Indian heavy explosives, and other items that indicate links to Indian army’s command and control setup.

4.     Special hideouts [tunnels, caves, underground passageways] created by Indian expertise and machinery. This technology cannot be available to amateur fighters.

5.     Blood banks and all the supporting products, i.e., fresh frozen plasma, etc., to help the fighters sustain a long term war.

All this evidence helps in reaching the following conclusions:

1.     Sufi Muhammad, Baitullah Mehsud, Fazlullah are all Indian agents, fully in contact with senior officers from R&AW and Defense Intelligence Agency posted in Afghanistan

2.     All crimes on Pakistani soil, including the destruction of schools of girls and boys and the slaughter of innocent people were done on orders from Indian assets on the ground and inside the nearby Afghan provinces. These were effectively Indian actions of war against Pakistan

3.   This Indian free hand in Afghanistan and inside Pakistan’s Balochistan and NWFP says a lot about the inefficiency of the Pakistani government

5.   All suicide bombings in Pakistan are linked to fake Indian-groomed Taliban in Afghanistan, which was built by recruiting brainwashed young men misled into believing they are fighting a jihad against America. The suicide bombings in Pakistan are Indian acts of war. Make no mistake about it.

6.     Islam and Muslims are defamed by Indians and their allies. Unfortunately, the Pakistani government and media are hands in glove with this demonization of Pakistan. Instead of asking questions they simply repeat what is fed to them like parrots.

7.     Pakistan is losing the support of the mujahedeen who are keeping the Indians at bay in Kashmir and Afghanistan.

8.     This tactic of pitching the fake Taliban with the Pakistani military has resulted in a confrontation between the Pakistani army and the Mujahedeen. The fact is that the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan and Kashmir have nothing to do with the crimes of the Indian-groomed fake Taliban.

The Indian activities in Afghanistan have gone undetected for a long time. But now enough evidence has been collected to indict the Indian government and military for indulging in the worst forms of terror breeding.

Here are some signs of the crimes the Indians are involved in inside U.S.-occupied Afghanistan:

1. Many psychological-operations experts and experts in Islamic indoctrination and what generally is known as ‘mind-messing professionals’ have been deployed in special training camps. These people introduce themselves as Mujahedeen to new recruits, brainwash them and then use them inside Pakistan.

2. The slitting of throats is a new tactic introduced by the Indian terrorism trainers to demoralize Pakistan and show the Afghan Taliban in a wrong light. The suicide bombings are not the result of Arab influence here as the British and American media claims. It is also the result of Israeli experts bringing in their expertise in penetrating Islamic groups. How silly it is that Arabs would arrive in this region to kill Pakistanis and spare the Am-Brit occupiers of Afghanistan all these months.

3. The Mumbai terrorist act appears to be a joint Israeli and Indian event. Both countries have secret close cooperation in the areas of intelligence and countering Muslim groups. The Israeli eagerness to help India against Pakistan is amazing both in Kashmir and Afghanistan is amazing.

4. It is not clear yet if the lone surviving terrorist, Ajmal Qassab, is indeed Pakistani. India has offered no solid evidence proving this and it is shameful that the Pakistani government is not making this public despite the fact that independent investigators from Interpol verify this fact.

5. Qassab means butcher in Urdu/Arabic. In Pakistan, hardly anyone retains this surname. If Qassab is not an Indian who played the role of a Pakistani terrorist, then he certainly is someone who has been duped into joining the group that conducted the operation. Indian explanations regarding the bodies of the rest of the terrorists, their DNA samples, their origins, are misleading and confusing at best, which destroys the entire Indian case against Kashmiri freedom fighters inside Pakistan.

6. Important parts of the Mumbai operation were planned and conducted outside Pakistan. Also, the Indian security failures in Mumbai are suspicious at best. There is more in this case than meets the eye. Pakistan should be under no compulsion to accept the Indian version of events and should advise the same to the international community. Instead, the Pakistani government has chosen complete surrender.

A large number of uncircumcized professionally-trained foreign fighters have been found within the ranks of the so-called ‘Pakistani Taliban’.  Read this Alert: Indians Fighting In Swat [Warning: Graphic Images]

All of the above raises serious questions about the silence of the Pakistani government on the disturbing and treacherous Indian behavior:

1. Why the Pakistan Government is not protesting against Indian invasion into Swat and other cities of Pakistan?

2. Why Pakistan Government is silent over the Indian attack on the Sri Lankan Cricket team?

3. Why Pakistan Government is not using Interpol services to get Altaf Hussain and hang him for his numerous murders and acts of terrorism? Why the Pakistani Government is not asking Kabul to hand over the terrorist Brahamdagh Bugti and hang him for killing innocent Pakistanis, and for the crimes of his grandfather the tyrant Akbar Bugti who killed hundreds of poor Pakistani Balochis and displaced thousands of poor Pakistani Balochis?

4. Why hardcore criminals have been protected under the umbrella of Musharraf’s NRO?

5. Why Mr. Nawaz Sharif and other Pakistani leaders have sold themselves to the devil, keeping totally silent, deaf and dumb on these issues? Why is power more important to them than anything else?

6. Why are we helping those forces which are supporting Indian and Israeli terrorism in Pakistan? We know the forces behind the so-called BLA and MQM. The question is: Why is the government supporting these forces?

7. Why Hamudur Rehman Commission recommendations have not been implemented in letter and spirit?

8.  And why did we not learn lesson from East Pakistan bitter experience?

Dr. Sekhon is a prominent leader of the movement for the rights of the people of Khalistan and is seeking independence for his people from India. This article is a slightly edited version of the original published at . Dr. Sekhon can be reached at . For more information on the movement for the liberation of Khalistan from Indian occupation, see

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