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The Military Intervenes To Affirm Nuclear Pakistan Is Here To Stay

by on 06/22/2009


While the US media continues to leak information about possible compromise by the Zardari government on the Pakistani nuclear program [there are reports that Mr. Zardari has agreed to transfer used Pakistani uranium to US for disposal, in addition to reports about increased access for foreigners to the offices of the Strategic Plans Division, which oversees the nuclear and strategic arsenal], the Pakistani military intervenes once again at the highest level to confirm this will not be allowed. This is reassuring because it is difficult to trust an elected government that has come to power with full foreign backing and some of its key figures appear to be working on a foreign agenda.

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Saturday, 20 June 2009.


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—A top Pakistani military commander says Islamabad would retain its nuclear weapon at all cost in the troubled south Asian region.


“Our nuclear weapons are the cornerstone of Pakistan’s deterrence doctrine and we are determined to retain it at all costs. No amount of coercion, direct or indirect, can force us to compromise on this core interest,” Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, General Tariq Majid said Thursday at National Defense University, Islamabad.

U.S. and Indian officials in recent months have raised concerns over the safety of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal amid growing insurgency across the country.

“Coercion, direct or indirect, can’t force us to compromise on this core interest,” said Gen. Majid while addressing the convocation of the National Defense Course, the Armed Forces War Course and the Allied Officers War Course at National Defense University (NDU). He said, “A vicious campaign has been unleashed to malign and discredit Pakistan by spreading disinformation about the security of its nuclear assets.” He said Pakistan had developed and put into operation an effective nuclear weapons security regime based on restraint and responsibility. “As the system conforms with international best practices and has the capacity to meet all challenges, there should be absolutely no doubt … [Pakistan] would not be deterred from taking any action whatsoever in ensuring that our strategic assets are jealously safeguarded.

Any attempt to undermine our core capability will be strongly resisted and defeated,” he said. The CJCSC made it clear that Pakistan’s “solutions are homegrown”. “No foreign individual, entity or state has been provided or shall ever be provided access to our sensitive information and insinuations to the contrary are plain mischief and need to be contemptuously dismissed,” he asserted. He said for a country like Pakistan, which was braving complex challenges, the task of policy and decision makers was not easy. “On one hand we have resource constraints, and on the other, we have pressing security and development needs to be addressed,” he said.

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