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Half White man speaks with full forked tongue

by on 06/03/2009
by Moin Ansari

British Army Entering Baghdad In March 1917, British commander Lt.-General Stanley Maude, issued a proclamation upon entering Baghdad (above) declaring that “Our armies do not come into your cities and lands as conquerors or enemies, but as liberators.” British “liberators” proceeded to use poison gas against Iraqi rebels

Al Azhar is one of the first formal universities on the planet. Oxford and Cambridge were patterned on it after the Crusades brought the knowledge and instructions back to England. The English word College comes from the Arabic “kulliat” which means completion. The English word University is a derivative of “kulliat” or universals.

Al Qahira (Cario) is was the seat of one of the greatest leaders on planet earth. Sultan Salahuddin (Saladdin) ruled Egypt and beyond with a firm and fair hand after defeating the Crusades and establishing the law of Islam in the land. Under this law, Musa Bin Maymun rose the power of Grand Wazier and Surgeon general. Musa wrote all his books in Arabic except one. “The Guide for the perplexed” was written in Hebrew and remains one of the seminal books of Judaism.

He was known as the second Moses and is known in the West as Moses Maimonides, an Orthodox Jew who was not only allowed to practice his religion, but also publish his many books. Moses Maimonides wrote about the Multiple Covenant with God–with Jews, with Muslims and with Christians. His message is lost to the Jews across the river and lost to the Muslims. Moses Maimonides is claimed as one of the greatest Arabs by Egyptians and one of the greatest Jews by the Israelis.

The pseudo spat between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu fools no one in the Arab or Muslim world. The Arabs are a sophisticated nation. The Muslims are a diverse people who understand the nuances of American Double speak.

They have heard it all before.

After a series of deceptions, the Native Americans did not believe anything that the settlers told them. They always said “White Man speaks with forked tongue”. Let us see what that means.

Napoleon said he wanted to liberate Egyptians from the tyrannical rule of the Mamluk dynasty. But he also wanted to find another route to access to the east and undercut Britain’s near-monopoly on trade with India. Egyptians welcomed Napoleon as a liberator when he and his forces arrived on July 1, 1798

“Proclamation… Our military operations have as their object, the defeat of the enemy and the driving of him from these territories. In order to complete this task I am charged with absolute and supreme control of all regions in which British troops operate; but our armies do not come into your cities and lands as conquerors or enemies, but as liberators… Your citizens have been subject to the tyranny of strangers… and your fathers and yourselves have groaned in bondage. Your sons have been carried off to wars not of your seeking, your wealth has been stripped from you by unjust men and squandered in different places. It is the wish not only of my King and his peoples, but it is also the wish of the great Nations with whom he is in alliance, that you should prosper even as in the past when your lands were fertile… But you, people of Baghdad… are not to understand that it is the wish of the British Government to impose upon you alien institutions. It is the hope of the British Government that the aspirations of your philosophers and writers shall be realised once again, that the people of Baghdad shall flourish, and shall enjoy their wealth and substance under institutions which are in consonance with their sacred laws and with their racial ideals… It is the hope and desire of the British people… that the Arab race may rise once more to greatness and renown amongst the peoples of the Earth… Therefore I am commanded to invite you, through your Nobles and Elders and Representatives, to participate in the management of your civil affairs in collaboration with the Political Representative of Great Britain… so that you may unite with your kinsmen in the North, East, South and West, in realising the aspirations of your Race. (signed) F.S. Maude, Lieutenant-General, Commanding the British Forces in Iraq.”


The British troops entered Basra in 1914, then Baghdad in 1916, then Mousel in 1917. “we have come as liberators, not conquerors”British General Modd said in his speech.

I promise I will not make any decision until I first consult with you and the Jewish side” Franklin Roosevelt told King Abdul Aziz on the deck of USS Quincy in 1945

We have come as liberators, not conquerers“. Donald Rumsfeld. The day Baghdad fell. On April 9, 2003 (April 9, 2003, was Liberty Day for Iraq, the day on which one of the foulest of the 20th-century tyrannies was finally destroyed. The liberation of Baghdad was greeted with celebration as well as looting, and by ill-concealed dismay in Paris, Berlin, Moscow and the left-wing British press. It was unquestionably a victory for the United States, not only for the American forces, but also for the American model of society.). The Times. William Rees-Mogg. April 14, 2003

Can President Obama top that?

Yes, he will discuss his Muslim background, his humble roots, and his “commitment” to creation of a Palestinian state. The Muslims will ask, didn’t the last president who was elected twice say the same things, but left without an iota of change in eight years. He will discuss about ending torture, closing down Gitmo and ending the war in Iraq.

They have all heard it all before.

As Shakespeare said “it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing–”look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it”

As Israel continues the incarceration of Gaza, and as Obama bombs Pakistan, the Muslim world will take the words coming out of the mouth of the greatest orator of our time with a grain of salt, and a big yawn. Seeing is believing is what most Muslims are saying . Stop the appeasement to Israel, and India, and build bridges with Islam.

Right now Mr. Obama, entangled with the likes of Bruce Reidel, and Rahm Emanuel doesn’t have a clue on how to deal with Muslims. He has not appointed a Muslim to his cabinet and missed a huge opportunity to appoint a Muslim to the Supreme Court.


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